The L Spot


My unicorn....

The L Spot is my unicorn, my vision, my dream, my shop! My greater plan is that it will someday be a destination for queer travellers from all over the world to discover. The L Spot is an alternative gift shop, but also an intentional, ever growing space for women, lesbians, and queers to make Sapphic hygge together. Come feel the healing power of the Sapphic vibe!

Want to see me? I work the shop counter every Saturday 10 am until 5 pm. Please stop in, I would love to meet you! Feel free to DM me via Instagram or email me to make certain I will be in the shop. I aim to be very responsive.

- Nicole Olila, Curator


It all started when…

I realized there was nowhere for me to mingle and hang with all you beautiful, magical know how I feel about you!



Nicole Olila

Curator, writer, dreamer, lover of women

The L Spot’s original manifestation, Girlpond Productions, focused on showcasing the endeavors of women, namely lesbians, in pursuit of authenticity. The Starry-eyed Lesbian, is a blog where I will be sharing the thoughts, struggles, and joys of my personal journey along the road to authenticity. Feel free to hang with me...I truly enjoy your company.